Thread: Separating damage in the cfg

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    Separating damage in the cfg

    Hi. I was wondering if it's possible to separate sk_556_bullet for example to do different damage for player and AI in the cfg.file

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    Re: Separating damage in the cfg

    Unfortunately you cannot do this at present (and there are no plans to extend the "skill_ .cfg" for such settings/requirements at the moment.)
    The skill_ .cfg files are in "depreciation mode" and the damage modifiers has been migrated to "a damaged caused" within the map placed entity, (the skill_ .cfg is still present due to "Backward compatibility" [for older maps] and because you also need a global default).

    However you could do this via AngelScript and custom weapon damage.
    It should be a case of examining an existing "custom weapon AS code", finding the correct line and then adding and few lines of code.
    If (EH_pointer == "Player")
    dmg = xx; // (new higher/lower damage value.)

    As the "sk_556_bullet" is also used in SC standard weapon::Mini_Gun (and I am un-sure exactly which weapon you are referring to [or all 566 weapons]).
    Perhaps a good standing point would be to Join the "SC Discord Channel" (see: "Very Top Right" of each Forum Page).
    Join and post your requests in the "AngelScript Channel", the guys there are very helpful.

    PS: Welcome to the Sven Coop Forums.
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    Re: Separating damage in the cfg


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