Thread: Need help understanding custom weapons.

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    Need help understanding custom weapons.

    Hello, Im basically a newbie in mapping and scripting, just worse in scripting, so I began to learn and that lead me to custom weapons. As an exercise, I wanted to try to use the github weapon example: m79 to experiment. The problem is that after doing it and obtaining good results, I tried to replicate this with other Angelscripts weapons that the game had like AoM, to see if I was capable of making it work, and after tons of rial and error I couldn´t get it to work and even discoevered that somehow my other weapon was rendered useless for some reason, even without console logs that showed something wrong. Help would be appreciated, thank you.

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    Re: Need help understanding custom weapons.


    For a mapmaker-friendly custom weapon, you might try to using this script : weapon_custom

    Otherwise, can you provide any angelscript logs ?

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