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    Slowing down monsters

    Is there any way to modify (in my case, slowing down) a monster's movement speed? Simply altering the monster's pev->framerate does not work (I think?).

    Alternatively, what's the magic involved with the monster's scale that allows them to move slower/faster?
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    Re: Slowing down monsters

    The only way I know is to increase the animation fps in the model file. Setting the framerate in AS works for player model animations I think, but nothing else.

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    Re: Slowing down monsters

    The speed of the monster relies on the framerate for each animation set in the model file (.mdl). As far as I know, you can only alter this by recompiling the model and use different framerates in the QC file (compile parameters for models). I doubt AS can reach, let alone alter mdl files during the game.

    I guess you need to get creative on this one. Maybe there are some functions in the code that can simulate the effect? I know that there's a push function, so maybe you can push the monsters back slightly depending on their directional angle?

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    Re: Slowing down monsters

    Framerate modifing is the easy and cheap way but you get the issue of slowmo animations. You can modify the physical speed of the model without doing animation wierdness by changing the root bone movement distance at the end frame of the walk/run sequence. All movement in goldsrc models use thing thing called "motion extraction" or LX parameter in the Qc of the model; this means that the Animation root bone movement is extracted and used as world movement per animation cycle. To change this you import your walk/run anim into your 3D editor, see how far the root bone movement travels the model, and then reanimate that distance, but in linear (non ramp) movement. This is usually achieved by deleting all the "Bip01" keyframes and rekeying it.

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