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    Svenworks: Digital Distribution faces Analogue Retribution

    On April 1st, we announced our new digital distribution platform for co-operative gaming, SvenWorks. The initial repsonses of the community were overwhelmingly positive and we were more eager than ever to make our vision of co-operative play a reality. But then the emails from other developers came flooding in on the evening of April 1st.

    In previous business meetings, all the game developers were quite happy with our plans to re-release all of their games on our platform (especially the huge gain in sales!) but we might have failed to mention that we were going to alter their games to our vision (whoops!). They were far less pleased when they learned that information from our news post on April 1st. Suddenly no-one wanted to release their games on SvenWorks anymore. Boy, did we feel like a bunch of fools.

    So, sadly, we're going to have to pull the plug on our SvenWorks project. On the bright side, this gives us more time and energy to focus on the development of Sven Co-op, which is all about co-operative play! Stay tuned for new updates in the near future or on April first of 2019!

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