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    Lightbulb Sven-Coop for CSS and CSGO

    Hello everybody, I'm working on a mod which would make it possible to play "Sven-coop" in Counter-Strike:Source or CS:GO. The mod can already be used with Windows SRCDS and provides a lot of different NPCs.
    Here is a link with detailed information:


    There are 2 problems:
    1) The extension has to be built for linux (no one on the forum is good at it)
    2) How difficult is it to compile sc maps for Source (if I have a *.map file)?

    And do You think it's a good idea? I mean how interesting it can be for players?
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    Re: Sven-Coop for CSS and CSGO

    Well, judging from your video's you are loading HL2 single player content into a multiplayer mod (CS:S in this case), so that's kind of how SvenCo-op started off in 1999. But you can't just load SvenCo-op into any Source mod. First off, SvenCo-op uses the old Goldsrc engine from Half-Life 1 and has loads of custom entities and content you cannot just simply copy over.

    What you're describing here looks a lot like the Source mod Synergy, which is basicly Half-life 2 Co-op mode.

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