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    Smile [Custom Entity] Payload


    Github Repo (Download)

    1. Introduce a new gameplay objective (to Sven Co-op, anyway) for level designers to use, which they could just put in their map with minimal scripting.
    2. Write the code in such a way that it is reusable and can be more easily referenced by other developers when creating similar entities.

    The idea behind this entity isn't exactly new or groundbreaking; it's a train which moves forward when friendly entities are within a particular range, and is blocked by enemies which are within the same range. The behavior models more closely to the payloads from Overwatch, but the concept is similar to the payload mode from Team Fortress 2.

    The biggest difference of this implementation is that it uses Half-Life's classification system in order to determine what is friendly or an enemy, giving the level designer more choices. The payload can also hurt or heal friendly and enemy entities within its detection range.

    Some ideas I had as to how this entity could be used:
    • The players are tasked with removing radioactive material from within Black Mesa, damaging them over time as they push it.
    • A task force of grunts are trying to push a massive explosive into a research lab, and the players have to prevent them by delaying the payload until they run out of forces.

    I've detailed out the various properties and other details on the Github repo, which will be kept up-to-date as I work on it.
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    Re: [Custom Entity] Payload

    Great job on this one! Hope to see it in action somewhere soon.

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    Re: [Custom Entity] Payload

    Thank you! I'll work on getting an example map together to share.

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    Re: [Custom Entity] Payload

    I like this. I've been bouncing an idea around in my head that uses this exact entity setup, but haven't had a chance to put it together yet.

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    Re: [Custom Entity] Payload

    Maybe you can use a sprite file, reason: Admin Glow/Trail
    Example the sprite of commands: (the svencoop game can implement someones new sprites to no need sv_downloadurl to see it)
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