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    Explosive Crate [Fun] PoisonHeadcrab

    Do you feel bad for those headcrabs? Do you wish to get them buffed? Now take this, you don't have all day!
    Featuring PoisonHeadcrab, a plugin that makes every single headcrab bad ass enough, like those Poison Headcrabs in that game's latest sequel for more than a decade.

    Anyway, like how it works in HL2, after the player got bitten by a headcrab, the player will get poisoned and their health level will be decreased to 1. And every 3 seconds their lost health will get regenerated (with basic headcrab damaged deducted).

    Can't wait to make those beasts into your server? Now here we go.
    1. Download the file
    2. This plugin requires an utility called PseudoHooks (made by @anggara_nothing), download each of the following files:
    3. Drag and drop all those files that you've just downloaded to your server's /svencoop/scripts/plugins directory.
    4. Open /svencoop/default_plugins.txt, add the following block in a proper way:
              "name" "PoisonHeadcrab"
              "script" "PoisonHeadcrab"
    5. Fire up your server and enjoy.

    If you've encountered some problems, feel free to post your issues here. I'll try to fix 'em as soon as I have the chance.
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    Re: [Fun] PoisonHeadcrab

    W00t a real implementation!

    btw, if you dont need to store the hook key (g_PTDKey), you can set it into "void"
    g_PseudoHooks.RegisterHook(Hooks::Pseudo::Player::PlayerPostTakeDamage, any(@playerTakeDamage), void);

    Quote Originally Posted by Sniper
    Quote Originally Posted by FreeKill
    Quote Originally Posted by Sniper
    It's actually a HLDM feature. It has nothing to do with Half-Life single player - which is what we're trying to focus on.
    We'll look into adjusting the gameplay mechanics for the weapon as time progresses.
    By that logic, you should remove the M16 and the scope off the MP5. And the Uzis.

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    Re: [Fun] PoisonHeadcrab

    Whoa, I didn't expect your reply. That's a HUGE surprise to me.
    And I've just submitted a commit to remove that variable. Thanks, dude.

    By the way, YOUR WORK IS AWESOME! This won't be possible without your work. Thank you! It's your solutions that inspired me to do something like this.

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