Could this be looked into and fixed, please?

<< In-game names changed to protect the innocent >>

King: hey Kanye West you got a moment .
Kanye West: what
Kanye West: yes?
King: could you show or explain to me how you do that ammo dupe
Kanye West: you need 2 weapon of same kind, pick up and drop 
King: so no scripts jsut pick up and drop ?
Vladimir: yes
Kanye West: yes
King: binded to a key or ?
Kanye West: normal drop G
Proud Teemo Owner: take out your shotgun
Proud Teemo Owner: look down and press g
Proud Teemo Owner: repeat
Kanye West: when you touch a gun on ground you already have you get its ammo, the glich is the ammo doesnt get removed from gun 
Proud Teemo Owner: give me your shotgun King
Kanye West: on ground
King: i see ok thanks.