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    Lightbulb [Pack][SC] Big NPC and sounds assets pack for mapping

    Here I come again with another huge pack of models. This time I'm releasing the assets I've been creating for the project I have been planning. Since it's going to take me way longer than I expected to ripent and convert some mods and maps I have chosen to port to SC (with many additional goodies of course, that's why all of this pack exists), I decided to finish the models (and their sounds) and release them so all of you can make use of any of them or modify them at will for whatever you may use them (hopefully maps).

    I have included a full list of credits, though if there is some people I did not include please forgive my clumsiness, it's really hard to keep track of 550+ models.
    I have classified the models and sounds into folders that describe a bit what the maps where those models were made for are about. To give some context.


    - 558 models (mostly NPCs) (the Community members are not included here)(I may have forgotten to delete a few mdls from the pack that are identical to ones found somewhere else from other maps and such, so forgive me about that... hope you understand -the borealis folder might be messy)
    - Sounds for most of the NPCs (with soundlists)
    - Some music that was left over (I included it for the lols but you may find it useful)
    - 99% of everything included was modified or created by me. And all of it works with SC, even though I didn't test any of the models ingame I'm sure they should work
    - Includes almost all fully working HL1 Alpha, HL2 alpha and beta, and cut/concept NPCs and weapons with sounds
    - No AngelScript was used, only replacements and QC edits to imitate the original ideas as close as possible
    - Bonus track: Richard Boderbot and his dog Rolls!

    Big download here:
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