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    This is an entmap designed to take advantage of SC5's increased engine limits.

    - The playfield is 12288x12288x8192
    - The entire playfield has both air and ground nodes
    - WARNING: The server will freeze up to several minutes on first map load while generating a node graph. This process must be allowed to finish.
    - WARNING: Due to a bug in the SC5 engine, if you have monsters which can see but can't find a path to the player (ie. player is in a building or a tower), this will cause high CPU usage and severe lag.
    I recommend not spawning many monsters at once.
    - There is one air track loop for air based NPCs called airtrack1_1
    - All monsters are available
    - WARNING: Spawning an osprey without a track target will crash the server
    - NOTE: Spawning an apache without a track may result in it slowly rising to the top of the map.
    - All weapons are available
    - Six types of building walls (three metal, two brick and one stucco) with one roof and floor type each.
    - Four types of stairs (two brick, one metal and one stucco)
    - Sixteen types of doors
    - Crates, barrels, cargo containers and conveyors.
    - Almost all stock HL prefabs (desks, file cabinets, lamps, computers, carts, etc.)
    - Two types of health and armor chargers.
    - Thirteen buttons (nine normal, four wheels.)
    - Several types of posters
    - Two vehicles (BM SUV and deuce and a half)
    - Two trains (BM transit car and flatbed)
    - NOTE: I wasn't able to get the trains to work properly, possibly due to a bug in SC5. They work in other HL engine games like TFC.
    - Five types of liquid (three water, one coolant and one acid.)
    - NOTE: Liquids don't like being moved far from their original origin or they disappear, only useful for tanks and such.


    For obvious reasons, this map will not work on any other HL engine mod. The source is available upon request if you want to add more to the map, but if you want to make your own version, I ask you use a different name.

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    Re: entmap_sc5_a13

    Gmod the svencoop map!

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