Thread: Please help, friend unable to join game. (Not ports.)

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    Explosive Crate Please help, friend unable to join game. (Not ports.)

    This has just started happening. Me and my friend have been wanting to play OpFor now, so I downloaded it again, using the same scripts as with the Blue Shift batch that I used, except for changing the keywords and map list. You can find the script I used on the Sven Coop discord bug feed. But whenever I loaded up the campaign portal, the doors didn't open even after the installer confirmed that it was working just fine. I decided to verify caches, and 3 files were verified and reinstalled. I'm assuming these files were the OpFor and Bshift scripts, but I have no Idea what the third one was. Anyways, I reinstalled both of the expansions using the default scripts which worked fine, and the doors to the OpFor campaign opened. But now I'm facing a new problem. My Friend can't join the game. I've checked, and ports are opened. I reinstalled Sven Coop and the expansions as well and that didn't work. I've rebooted my internet and my PC multiple times. For the first time, I have absolutely no clue what the problem could be. Connection Failed after four Retries. It doesn't even show up in the server browser.(edited)

    Please help

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    Re: Please help, friend unable to join game. (Not ports.)

    In order to host a listen server on your computer and have it accessible via the internet, you need to forward ports 27015/27016 on the UDP protocol on your router to your computers LAN IP address.

    You'll also have to open those ports in the Windows firewall. Once you do these two things, you'll have to give your friend your WAN IP address that your cable/DSL modem gives your router. Do not give him a 192.168.xx address, this is a non-routable LAN IP address and won't work.

    To find your WAN IP address, either look in your router internet status page, or use a service like to get it.

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    Re: Please help, friend unable to join game. (Not ports.)

    ^ Don't forget 26900 UDP too if you want VAC security to work.
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