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    sc_egypt2 is the sequel to sc_egypt, which was released by me back in 2006. Took me only 12 years and 3 tries to finish it (I have the source files for several different versions of sc_egypt2 on my hard drive, which I started over the years and never finished). Like the first map, I tried to give sc_egypt2 a good balance between combat, puzzle solving, jump 'n run and hidden traps - many, many deadly hidden traps.

    Kel'Rana has been defeated in your first egyptian adventure (sc_egypt), but his troops, now without leadership by their overlord still roam the country. There's an especially nasty Stone Golem which needs to be gone.

    - Kill 'em all.
    - Make it out alive.

    You can find many useful secrets and other goodies, so always keep an eye open:
    - 4 shortcuts
    - 6 secrets
    - 1 secret mini boss with powerful loot
    - 1 super secret bikini babe

    Useless map facts:
    solids: 4441
    faces: 25906
    point Entities: 1156
    solid Entities: 467
    unique textures: 225
    texture memory: 20997120 bytes (20.50 MB)
    maxed out engine limits: Just about any. Serisously, I couldn't even place a single additional brush in the map and I had to pull off any trick I know to make it work.

    Good luck and have fun! Guess I'll see ya in 12 years for part three! :P


    //edit: If someone has a better imagehost, please tell me. I think the one I used will delete the pictures after a few weeks.
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