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    Explosive Crate Quick Halloween Map Collaboration

    We were recently discussing creating a very quick Halloween community map on the Sven Co-op Discord server, and I think there's enough interest in the project that it might be worth doing this year.

    The idea is to create "Walter's Mansion", a haunted mansion that our good scientist friend Walter has inherited. So far the idea is that players have to find and rescue Walter and his scientist buddies (the other three scientists, Einstein, Luther, and Slick) by taking several separate paths through the mansion and completing whatever tasks the mappers come up with. We could also add secret items like candy or bones or something, and show stats at the end of the map that tell players how many of the items they found.

    The actual gameplay ideas are currently rough, and we should probably discuss it further on Discord, so I've created a special channel on the Sven Co-op Discord server called #halloween-map (<- click to join the channel).

    We won't have any strict mapping time requirements for this project, but we will have deadlines for final submissions. If anything needs to be fixed, I can always copy in updated sections during the final testing phase.

    There are six weeks before the weekend before Halloween, which is when I would like to release the map (ideally). I'm hoping to have a releasable final product by October 21-24. If everyone has their final sections submitted by October 12, that will give us ~4 weeks to work on our maps and ~2 weeks to test and polish everything.

    The deadline to submit a completed map section to JPolito is October 12.

    No one is expected to make an enormous section. Just put in as much free time as you'd like, build a part of the mansion, and we'll try to merge everything and turn it into a playable final product before Halloween.


    Anyone from the community, even people with minimal mapping skills, can sign up to create something for the map. It would also be great if people with modelling or scripting skills participate. Contact JPolito in this thread or on Discord if you would like to volunteer to participate.

    Current Mappers:

    - JPolito
    - Keen
    - Galathrax
    - Dynamite
    - Kirito
    - Aurora

    Current Model Artists:

    - Garompa
    - Rusty

    Level Design:

    The map will start with the front entrance / lobby of the mansion, which I volunteer to work on (and other people can as well, if they'd like). All of the other sections will branch off of this central hub.

    On the map start, after players enter the mansion, Walter will tell the players that he and his friends are trapped in the mansion and you have to rescue them, and doors will open in the lobby to allow players to follow paths to their locations. The goal is for players to travel through the mansion and complete tasks (puzzles, kill stuff, find keys, whatever mappers want) to eventually reach the location of each of the scientists that will be rescued.

    Seamless teleports between each scientist rescue path will ensure that no one's sections overlap (and they will only be used if absolutely necessary). Don't worry about making stuff that's too big, even if it's bigger than the mansion appears on the outside. I'll fit it in there somehow. Realism isn't important here.

    Map Sections to be Created:

    - Front Entrance / Lobby (JPolito)
    - Spoopy Bathroom (Kirito)
    - Another Spoopy Bathroom (Dynamite)
    - Kitchen/Dining Room (Galathrax)
    - Basement laboratory (Keen)

    Ideas for other map sections: Basement, basement laboratory, attic, library, kitchen / dining hall, dungeon, crypt, tool shed, garden, tower, whatever else people think of...

    Current Wadlist:

    - spookymansion.wad (the custom conglomerate wad that I just made, DL here: )
    - cf_mansion.wad ( )
    - cs_bdog.wad (They Hunger)
    - neilm2.wad (They Hunger)
    - neilm4.wad (They Hunger)
    - neilm5.wad (They Hunger)
    - nw.wad (Nightwatch)
    - submerged.wad (Might be good for lab stuff)
    - submerged_addons.wad (Might be good for lab stuff)
    - decals.wad (default HL wad)
    - halflife.wad (default HL wad)
    - liquids.wad (default HL wad)
    - xeno.wad (default HL wad)
    - zhlt.wad (default HL wad)

    Note: all wads without download URLs are included with Sven Co-op by default.

    Feel free to use any other wads/textures/models/sounds/whatever that you'd like. We'll make sure everything is turned into an archive later.

    This is a rough outline of what we are planning so far, and the project is evolving rapidly as we discuss it over Discord, so this information will probably change and become more detailed over time.

    Please join the Discord channel here:

    Again, anyone of any skill level can participate, as long as their work is submitted by the deadline on October 12. You don't have to make anything too fancy or enormous. Small parts are welcome.

    Please contact me here or on Discord if you would like to make something (anything).
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