Thread: [Release][5.0] Classic Sven Co-op backgrounds remake pack (nostalgic!)

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    Post [Release][5.0] Classic Sven Co-op backgrounds remake pack (nostalgic!)

    Sven Co-op main menu backgrounds by Garompa and the Sven Co-op team (credits mostly to Sniper)

    WARNING: All backgrounds were made for widescreens. If you don't have a widescreen the background may stretch and look a bit strange.

    NOTE: All backgrounds have widescreen fix. Meaning that they are stretched images, so ingame the menu doesn't look stretched if you have a widescreen! (this was a problem of the default background)

    Pack includes background remakes from the next Sven Co-op versions:

    - 1.9
    - 2.0 / 2.1
    - 3.0 / 3.5
    - 4.0 / 4.5 / 4.8 (a remake was not needed, but only got rid of the version numbers)

    Extra backgrounds included:

    - "Randoms" (featuring artistic style, displaying some guys in HEV suits)
    - "Sieni" (the same one as above but by request 3 of the HEV dudes were replaced by Sieni, red massn from bm_sts, and Miku)

    Extra music included:

    - 3.0 main menu music included with the 3.0 background
    - 4.5 main menu music included with the 4.0 background


    Just take a look at the screenshots, choose the one you like and find the folder of the same name as the screenshot, then paste the "svencoop_addon" folder into your sven coop directory.

    Alternatively you can keep all backgrounds at once if you copy all the "background" folders from inside of each of the folders in this pack into your "svencoop_addon/resource" folder and rename each one to whatever you like. And whenever you feel like changing the menu style, just rename the folder you want to use to "background".

    Screenshots included in file, and on this link:

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    Re: [Release][5.0] Classic Sven Co-op backgrounds remake pack (nostalgic!)

    Thank you! I'm love SC old backgrounds.
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