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    [Textures] Face and world alignment

    I was explaining this to some people on Discord and I thought I'd post it here for future reference. So, when applying a texture, the editor shows you 2 ways of aligning your texture: 'face' and 'world'. In this tutorial I'm trying to show you some examples to hopefully clarify those concepts.

    So, a face is pretty much the flat 2d plane that is drawn between vertexes (the points at each corner of a cube). In the following screenshot the face is straight and the lenght between the points is 128 units and the texture is 256x256.

    So, with 'face alignment' the texture is projected onto the face on a 1:1 scale. The lenght of the face is 128 units, so it's going to project 128 pixels of our texture onto it. This is the default expected behaviour.

    Now I'm going to pull back the vertexes a little and create this:

    Because I moved some vertexes, the length between the 2 points has increased (probably around 150 units) and the editor has adjusted the texture alignment to make sure the texture still fits this longer face. So the texture isn't aligned to the 'face' anymore (since that would be a perfect 1:1 scale), but is now aligned to the 'world', which is the shape of the face it is drawn on.

    So, here is what happens when I use 'face alignment' on our angled face:

    The dialognal face is about 150 units, but the 'face alignment' will use 128 units of that face to render that texture and then repeat it where there are about 32 units left of the face. This is that 1:1 scale we've seen in the first screenshot. Also, looking back at that first screenshot, we can see that both 'world' and 'face' alignment' are selected. This is true, since the shape of the brush is straight, so both face alignment and world alignment are true in this case.

    So, world alignment can be very useful when working with angled faces, especially if you are creating terrain. If you do, select all terrain textures and align them all to world using the 'Treat as one' flag. This will make them all nicely aligned to eachother.
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    Re: [Textures] Face and world alignment

    great, as usual
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