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    Greetings @Everyone,
    after a long time, I finally found time to release my propanic map.
    The map was in development for way too long and it took even longer because I kept reworking the map and parts of it.

    You are a member of squad that is trying to invade the propanic's base in order to rescue a prisoneer and destroy their secret project.

    The map features:
    - 3 difficulties
    - 4 custom weapons
    - a lot of custom models, sprites, and sounds
    - an insane boss fight
    - secrets

    The map is huge and was split into 2 maps so the engine is able to run it.
    The map needs at least 2 players, but I would recommend 4-6 for the best experience.

    Good luck and I would love to get some comments and feedback.

    I hope you like it,



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    Re: sc_propanic_part1&2

    God it was ages ago I was playtesting this with you. This has to be a weight off your mind. Congrats!

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    Re: sc_propanic_part1&2

    I've tested this map a few times over what it seems the last decade, lol. Good to see it's finally out!

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    Re: sc_propanic_part1&2

    nice map! but please try to keep filenames in lowercase letter D:

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    Re: sc_propanic_part1&2

    First of all great work! It's a pretty big classic walkthrough map with a lot of space to maneuver so a player number of I dunno maybe 7-8 people won't have much of a problem here (except maybe in the cramped beginning ^^)

    It has a heavy combat focus and there is a lot of action in there so you almost never get bored. The map is also kinda "open ended" where it's basically linear but there is more than one way sometimes and the right one is not immediately obvious. Some players may get stuck because they don't know what to do or where to go but generally when you pay attention while playing (which many people don't seem to do) you should have no big problems.

    I also liked those supply crates you put into the map where players can load up on ammo, health and armor pretty fast so you don't have to look for small pickups and it is made sure nobody runs low on ammo or health while fighting through. Normally that would unbalance stuff but in this case I guess it's okay because the focus here is fun and action so the flow doesn't get interrupted.

    The map is pretty big so you get a pretty large amount of playtime. I played this with a friend and it took us like 1 hour for each map so that's 2 hours in total.

    Now for the bad stuff:

    The custom weapons are pretty neat and we had some fun experimenting with them but they are also kinda bugged. For example the let's say "drop glitch" where when you drop the weapon the w_model is invisible...or rather it does not get thrown on the ground but instead the "box" is stuck on your player model and follows you around. This seems to be the case with all of them. You can still pickup the "invisible weapon" but you can't see where it lies on the ground. Also the weapon that shoots those green plasma orbs is kinda glitched because the orbs seem to have a much larger collision box than their actual sprite. So every time there was something in my way it blocked the projectiles. I just couldn't shoot at anything unless there was atleast 3 meters of clear space which made this gun almost useless in indoor areas.

    Now the endboss is also a problem. The first problem is that it really is "insane" as in Serious Sam would get tired fighting this guy. Now this depends heavily on player number and maybe the custom weapons but I can see maybe even 8 players getting dusted and overhelmed. It's just one bug chaotic clusterfuck but still a cool idea with all the stuff happening. Maybe it's just too much at once.

    The second problem is rather map breaking. We fought this guy for a while until he morphed I guess 2 times and then he was some kind of Big Momma Tor thing. All good so far but when his health was critical and he wanted to morph again he was stuck where we fought him and he could not act out his script so it was impossible to proceed. This has happened to me atleast 2 times and it was always his "big momma" version. I guess this could also be an issue with bounding box and pathing. Although his model is way smaller I guess the game may still think it is as big as a Big Momma.

    And at last I just got a small personal nitpick...what the hell is up with all the files? There is so much stuff in there, some things that aren't even used in the map and also so many files that just lie around in folders where they don't belong like just the models, sprites or sound folder instead of some custom subfolder. So many dublicate files of the default ones just with xx at the end of the name or something. I just hate it when my folders get spammed with stuff like that and it makes it much harder to see which files belong to which map if you want to delete or replace something. Also no detailtextures even though there were .txt files for that in there, although they seem to be empty.

    I'm just saying when people make maps like this with lot's of custom content they should make sure that all the stuff is in the right place and not just thrown in everywhere like confetti.
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