CTF City
A new Warforts pvp style.

Quoting Warforts description, i can say "CTF CITY is a player-versus-player (PvP) map in which two megacorporations (the Red and Blue teams) send agents to capture each other's flags while defending their own bases. The first team to reach 5 captures is victorious."

What makes it different?

  • No grunts, or neutral base that can be captured.
  • No mortar.
  • TFC map style.
  • Only Capture The Flag


  • -Warfort style map.
  • -Original tfc textures and flags.
  • -CTF mode.
  • Team-based competitive play
  • 7 player classes with unique abilities
  • Automatic team balance
  • Automatic skip option if only one player is on the server

Coming soon:

  • -Original TFC weapons.
  • -More pvp modes.

  • Images:

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    -Fixed FPS issue.

  • Hezus (The map is the one in the hezus projects pack)
  • Tuesday Avenger (The amazing CTF Plugin)
  • Sven Coop community (They play the maps and are the strongest pilar of the game).

Download Link: http://scmapdb.com/mapvp-city