Thread: Suggestion - basic texture color manipulation

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    Suggestion - basic texture color manipulation

    Not a sven coop mapper, never played sven coop, I'm predominantly a counterstrike mapper. Hope this doesn't put you off
    The texture in question, found here, is too much of a bright green for my liking:

    Name:  jMZ16lv.png
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    What I would like to do is tone down the contrast and desaturate the texture like so:

    Name:  7E2Xp6k.png
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    This could be done with different entities, with the key being the name of the texture and the value being the percentage you wish to saturate/desaturate it by, the amount of degrees you wish to rotate the hue, etc.
    Not an engine programmer, but I do believe this is possible, given that you can recolor shadows in game, however I'm not entirely sure as the lightmap data is in the actual map file, unlike the textures, which are stored in wads.
    The reason why I don't use my own texture is that I want to preserve the footstep sounds specific to this texture.

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    Re: Suggestion - basic texture color manipulation

    Not sure if that's possible. The light map data is stored in the Bsp file but the texture properties are within the WAD.

    Being able to use custom materials.txt might be more useful in your case. However, I don't think that's possible in CS 1.6

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