Thread: Manipulating skies - with unendless maps without changelevels

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    Manipulating skies - with unendless maps without changelevels

    Hello everyone,

    I have invented about nice trick like you don't need to worry about changing skyboxes.
    Like @Cadaver told about unendless map whole Half-Life maps without changelevels
    See video

    I found solution:
    You need replace all skybrushes into null-textures
    You need create a lot of models like simple inside cube with 6 sky-textures into 1 single bitmap and make sure qc with fullbright and generate into mdl like this
    For example my drawing like this:

    And example: I made desert into in Blender with smd tools:

    Than you put env_model or cycle in J.A.C.K. or Valve Hammer Editor
    Put info_target and call mysky_desert
    Create brushes inside of skybox-brushes and mark into fun_portal and scaling should be 4 or 2 whatever and target should be "mysky_desert"

    And compile and test your map!

    Enjoy your manipulating multiple-skyboxes in your map. Example you have teleport to xen world and go back without changelevels.

    Happy mapping and happy manipulating!

    If you have problem than you can ask Hezus, JP, The303 or me under Discord or you can write here.
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