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    [TFC port] The Climb series

    A 3-series of custom maps for Team Fortress Classic called The Climb have been ported to Sven Co-op. -- These can get extremely challenging (especially the 3rd), not responsible for rage-broken hardware!

    These maps are not linked/related, just named in a linear way by the same original author.

    Server operators: To preserve the sanity of your players and the longevity of their hardware please kindly enable our (or a 3rd party) Teleport plug-in, or a similar alternative, so your players can save/load their position when (not if) they fall. These maps are very harsh and unforgiving of mistakes.

    Map 1

    Medium difficulty of the 3 maps. (1-2 hours for a first run.)

    Map 2

    Easiest of the 3 maps. (30-60 minutes for a first run.)

    Map 3

    Really extremely challenging indeed! (2-3 hours for a first run, probably longer.) -- Has progress percentage messages throughout.

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