Thread: [Request] Autobroadcast in server

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    [Request] Autobroadcast in server

    Good afternoon. here in Argentina the number of servers there is very little, and the few that are predominant SCXPM (and I think a garbage). I'm very new to AngelScript, that's why I need your help. I need a plugin that allows my server to send some different messages from time to time. for example :

    message: A
    _120 seconds
    message: B
    _120 seconds
    message: C
    _120 seconds

    If you could make a similar lake, you would be very grateful.
    PD: sorry for my English, I still need a lot of practice.

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    Re: [Request] Autobroadcast in server

    Hello, welcome to the foroums!, there's an script created by nico that you can use:

    If you need help just let me know.

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