Yesterday, my best friend and I introduced this game to a mutual friend of ours. We decided that good ol' Toonrun would be a great way for him to get his feet wet, and launched right into it. It was a good time, and progress was steady, until we got to the room with the giant carnivorous plants.

Feeding the left and right plants with 'Blowtatoes' went about as usual; we missed a bunch, but did manage to feed them after a few attempts. They both stopped moving and puked alien gibs all over the place like they normally do. But feeding the middle plant is where we hit a wall. Try as we might, we couldn't feed it to save our lives. We tried running and/or jumping while throwing. We tried throwing at really obtuse angles. We tried throwing banana bombs. But from what those of us left on the ground could tell, the grenades always detonated in the nape of the plant's neck. We ended up just skipping to toonrun3 after maybe a half an hour of attempts at blowing this plant up.

Today, I decided to investigate further and try to figure out what was going wrong. I launched toonrun2 in a listenserver and used noclip to feed the plants myself. But I ran into the same issue with the middle plant, and discovered the cause: There's an invisible barrier in its neck that completely blocks the grenades from going down and blowing up the plant. Even hovering inside its mouth and throwing the grenades straight down its gullet wasn't good enough. I had to fly down past the barrier in order to open the passageway to the next area.

So is there something we were missing, or is toonrun2 just broken in latest version of the Steam release?