Thread: Why does not half life reach consoles?

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    Why does not half life reach consoles?

    Half-Life 3 does not exist. OK, this is a fact, but what in principle some years ago could well be one of the most important games in history, or at least the most anticipated, has turned Gordon Freeman into meme meat. What leads Valve to give up the development of the new game? Are you really afraid of number three? Was it canceled after the departure of the original screenwriter?

    There is always hope, and in the world of video games even more. But tell that to Team Ico fans who have spent years waiting for The Last Guardian or those who have done the same with Final Fantasy VII Remake Square Enix. The case of Valve is more complicated, complex is the word. The company of Gabe Newell should not face executives who tell them the best framework of the year to publish a project or justify the units sold.

    Valve depends solely and exclusively on herself; that is why in our opinion, it is very likely that Valve currently thinks that it is not the right time. Each new game, and as such we refer to Portal, Left 4 Dead and of course the different chapters of Half Life have been a brutal turn in the way of understanding gender, its gender, that to which belong either the cooperative, puzzles or action adventures / FPS, indicates Diseny web.

    Valve wants to give the bell again and not only in the playable as they did with the physics in Half Life 2, but also with a surprising and fresh narrative aspect as happened in the first Gordon Freeman game and of course a graphic engine to the height.

    What do you think? Will this game reach the market?

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    Re: Why does not half life reach consoles?

    Hal-Life: Decay was developed for the PS2:

    Due to the complexity of the way the original way that Half-Life was designed, and the limits of the 6th Generation of Consols Half-Life its self was not suited to be a straight port to other platforms. if you play the ported version of Decay you will find that it's more of an 'on rails' game then Half-Life was.
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