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    Thumbs up Sven Co-op Hands Megapack (ALL maps!)

    "Sven Co-op Hands MEGAPACK"
    for Sven Co-op 5.x -- modified by Garompa
    Sven Co-op Hands on 99% of ALL custom weapons that exist in the game as of 26/04/2019


    This pack replaces those old ugly hands of all sorts (LD HEV for example) on almost all weapons in all the Sven Co-op maps maintaining the same weapons and animations as far as possible with the Sven Co-op remappable hands we all know and love.

    BONUS: Some weapons were too broken. Some of them were fixed/enhanced, others were too far gone and replaced by other models but keeping the same exact weapon! (this also depends on your choice below though)

    BEWARE: A couple of hand rigs may be a bit crude on the making and could bother some perfectionists. Consider that with such a huge task a person would go mad if perfection is wanted. (Literally 900+ weapon models had their hands replaced!)

    Screenshots: NONE. This is just a hand-swap for all the existing weapon models from all maps out there. There is nothing new to show.


    Credits and installation guides inside the readme!

    HL Creations forums link:
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    Re: Sven Co-op Hands Megapack (ALL maps!)

    ahyes, a pack that only replaces hands. I truly feel my life has been not lived until I saw this happen, thank you very much. Blue hands, yellow hands, fish hands, you name it. I am truly blessed to have come to this site on this particular day and witnessed the release of this pack, which was awaited for such a long time by our insane cult leader. With these hands I began to feel excitement inside previously unbeknownst to me. Again thank you, good sir for this hands megapack.
    BLEHHEGLAH!!!!!!!!! O.o

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    Re: Sven Co-op Hands Megapack (ALL maps!)

    Yes I can feel the irony. Some people don't mind going through a map having fish hands and then dog hands when swapping weapons. I wanted to fix it for me but may interest some people so I uploaded it.

    Comes in separate versions. Hand swap for ugly hands. Hand swap for themed maps (swaps fish hands even if they were intended to be fish), and diversity version which also replaces repetitive weapons with new weapons on many maps, making it so you will never see the same gun on more than one map!

    Not only that but most weapons that were broken have been fixed or replaced with better animations/models with new SFX.

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