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    == "Nostalgia Pack" ==
    for Sven Co-op 5.x -- by Garompa

    - a remake of the old-school low-definition weapons, items, NPCs, and sounds designs in higher quality -


    - New higher quality designs more in line with old-school 1998 weapon, NPC and item designs
    - Proper design consistencies (WARNING: MP5 is not the MP5SD from the v_ models, its the MP5 from the w_ and p_ models. It was chosen over the mp5sd since there is no MP5 slim grip anywhere and had to be done justice! plus it goes well with the reason that it has a muzzleflash and loud sound)
    - FOV/weapon position mimicking those from the old days
    - In-texture texts recreated as best as was possible (with much help, we tried to figure out what those pixelated tiny textures were saying)
    - Old-school sounds in high quality for weapons, items, buttons, doors, effects and ambience
    - Added remakes of little models: gibs and pickupeables (with accurate Valve designs)
    - Draw sounds for all weapons (plus unused official SC draw handgun sound)
    - Added missing reload sounds for RPG and Crossbow
    - p_ and w_ model size consistencies (can feel very tiny for some people)
    - Ammo consistencies across all weapons (same models for the same bullets and shells)
    - Animation fixes to a few weapons (aside from new animations on some others):
    --UZI: No more floating fingers
    --SAW: No floating fingers when firing
    --Gauss: Hand holding the gauss underneath (just like the playermodels do)


    Credits inside the readme

    Link to HL Creations forum:
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