Thread: Stop stock maps from messing with timelimit vars

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    Stop stock maps from messing with timelimit vars

    Some stock maps like crystal, bm_sts, ctf_warforts and desert circle alter the map time limit (mp_timelimit) that overrides the servers default time limit in server.cfg This results in the server getting stuck on some maps for hours, and server operators having to go into every stock map config file and remove the offending line. This is a continual problem because when you update the server, it overwrites any changes you make in the config files.

    bm_sts is the worst offender, it sets the time limit to 999 (or 16 hours and 39 minutes), which is absurd.

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    Re: Stop stock maps from messing with timelimit vars

    The maps don't alter the global limit, only the one while the map is running. If you want your server to change maps when no players are on then set mp_timelimit_empty to 20 or something and it will change maps every 20min when empty.

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    Re: Stop stock maps from messing with timelimit vars

    If a map may genuinely take 4 hours or whatever to complete this is fine, it must be allowed to set itself a time limit to accommodate expectations. This is only a problem when a server becomes empty, which is precisely why I implemented "mp_timelimit_empty", so if a map causes a server to empty it'll only continue to run for 10 minutes (as standard) after the last player leaves.

    You can of course lower "mp_timelimit_empty" to anything you like, or 0 to turn that off completely.

    "bm_sts" would be an exception though. There's no way it takes 16+ hours to complete. Even on long mode I've not encountered it going on for more than 2 hours. That being said its scripted progression will always end the map significantly sooner, with the only exception being if a player idles in the lobby without starting the first round. (I don't know why the map doesn't just set the time limit to infinite if it cant be better predicted.)
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