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    Question item_inventory self-activate issue?


    I was thrilled to see the new self-activation features for item_inventory, as it makes an already flexible entity even more so. Very cool!

    However, I can't get this feature to function in-game, at least for triggering other entities.

    The "effects" (gravity, glow shell color, etc.) work just fine with self-activation. It's just those "Target: On self-activate" keyvalues that I cannot get to work.

    For example, I created a test map with an repeatable env_explosion entity called "BANG".

    I then created an item_inventory with "Holder: Allowed to self-activate" set to "Yes" and "Target: On self-activate (self)" set to "BANG". In theory, the item_inventory is to act like a "detonator" for the env_explosion...I know that's not very imaginative, but it seemed like the most simple way to test.

    Anyway, when I run the map, I can pick up the item_inventory, but when I select it in the inventory menu and click the Activate button, I don't get an explosion--I get that muted "beep" sound that suggests something isn't working.

    I tried adding a trigger_relay pointing to BANG and then setting the item_inventory to trigger the relay on self-activation (sometimes I find that trigger_relay works when direct triggering doesn't), but had the same result.

    I removed the relay and tried messing around with the related settings but nothing seemed to help. I tried the "(team)" and "(others)" versions of "Target: On self-activate". I tried changing the settings regarding the hold time limit, delay between self-activations, and the number of activations allowed. I even tried setting it to not allow me to self-activate, and tried to trigger BANG through "Target: On can't self-activate (self)". Same result.

    I know the env_explosion is working as I can trigger it using "sv_cheats 1" and then "trigger BANG".

    Is there something I am missing? For example, are there limits to what kind of entity this feature can trigger? I feel like I've tried everything at this point.

    One thing I did notice is that I can now set an item_inventory so that the player is not allowed to drop it, and that it triggers an entity if they try and fail to drop it. In other words, if I set my item_inventory in my test map so that the player can't drop it, and then to trigger BANG if the player tries to drop it, the player can then trigger BANG by attempting to drop the item_inventory. That didn't work last year, and I remember hearing that same muted beep sound when I tried it back then. So it makes me wonder if the new "Target: On self-activate" feature needs a similar fix.

    Thanks for your work on this great old game.


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    Re: item_inventory self-activate issue?

    Not sure how I missed this sorry.
    Do you have a test map I could debug this on?
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