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    what has my maps success got to do with the map pack? it was successful because of peoples opinions not the map packs. I knew someone would say something about my success and I admit, I guess fame can get to you, but I haven't went overboard with it and I admit when my maps need improving.

    The server comment, once again another one of your f**king idiotic comments, I have never seen any servers playing your pile of crap, the only servers you seen 'em play on is when you play 'em with your foolish friends on a LAN.

    Also I am NOT saying your map is bad cos I think mine is better, maps like Turrican's Haywire and Penguins AssualtMesa are superior to mine in many ways. I dont whine about it or put worse maps down, I just carry on making maps. I say your map is bad because it fricking is.

    If this map is good and it deserves respect fine, I will give it positive feedback, but so far nothing produced on this thread has appealed to me in anyway.

    To tell the truth some of the maps in the map pack can be beaten no bother, so give it a try...

    And if you want to be correct its BMT not BMW, sheesh
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    *Puts out fire with extinguisher*

    007: Make your map properly finished before posting it. Learn WC and make a few HL DM maps to get used to it. Obscene texture missalignments are simple, and can be easily fixed. You should really get some tutorials and go to the HL ERC before trying to release a map. Only release finished products. Stuff like what you've posted only opens yourself up to flame wars and loss of dignity.
    Even if it is a beta, the map should still be finished, or at least make it look that way.

    Other Peeps: Try not to escallate the situation. Flame wars over this disgrace is not worth your while. Simply make constructive critisism and leave him alone to either take the advice or foolishly stick to his failing ideas.

    NOTE: This post is not intended to inflame anyone or the situation. If you wish to flame me go ahead, I do not care.
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    To admins: Please lock this post and delete all attachments... I am tried of being flamed... you can see the map when its finished . End of story.

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    One thing I will say is that u r supposed 2 either congat someone on a good map or if you think something needs changed post comments, I know you don't have to do what I say, but I don't think anyone has to tell someone's map f*cking sux or any other bad remarks like that. I'm not trying to put anyone down and I'm not saying anyone's map sux, I'm just saying why make bad remarks when you can just give friendly remarks like, this needs changed or add this, not your map f*cking sux and u should stop making maps. Like I said I'm not pointing fingers, I'm just saying what I think forums like this are for.

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    we`r jus being honest.

    ok then, some mod better press the big red button under the table, and not the one to make it go into a disco wtih big flashing lights.
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    I could say some more but its already been said.

    007, posting your map in a unfinished state and when you're still learning is asking for strong criticism, which you got. Wait until you've finished a decent map then post it, otherwise you're looking to get a reputation as a mapping cowboy.

    There's a bit of a ego clash going on here, I do not like Ego clashes. You're not bigger or better than the other person because you've released a slightly better map than them. You can be a mapping genius and still be a total twat, anyone can be a genius and be a twat, you guys are just helping to prove that theory.

    Thread locked, hope you've all learned something through this.
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