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    Ok...this is the last version of the first gitfest I'm making as I'm sick to death of it and it's given me a rotten headache

    fixed some of the dodgy textures and newbie carving
    tweaked the enemies
    added a second shortcut
    added more ammo
    changed end trigger to change map to gitfest2a
    a few other things I can't think of right now

    unzip/extract to your Half-Life directory

    *edit : you can d/l both installments from here by clicking the gitfest link at the top left corner of the page...unzip to your HL directory... *
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    Welcome to hell! Spend your time in hell! I could try to change it but it suits me too well...
    my god why hasnt anyone told me about this map .
    i had to find it on mr magics ftp by accident .
    this is the toughest map available for svencoop , tough without being annoying . its design is sound , rspeeds are low and being chased by the garg is very very scary .
    the completed map pack belongs in best of showcase .

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    I agree with Slidje this is a excellent map and I think it should be in the best of showcase.

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