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    007_GargFight (FINAL!!)

    Lo all.. 007_GargFight IS finished (Hooray!) It includes a secret picture of me and a bit of humor


    007: Concept, applying textures, basic structior, entities

    Freaking Neo [MTR] : Fixing textures making 007.wad helping with all the pictures creating the secret room, (He did some fixing textures and I did the rest) so please give him a big hand for all the ideas and work it took on his part to help make it work...

    Well... here it is.. the FINAL version of 007_GargFight

    Dl it and get fraggin!

    007_GargFight : Extract to C:\Sierra\Halflife\ Svencoop\maps
    007.wad : Extract to C:\Sierra\HalfLife\Svencoop (directories may differ)
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