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    Map Lab Areana


    Here's my new map Lab Arena. It's an arena type map
    But it's a bit different from other arenamaps: In a normal arena there is one room and monsters spawn and spawn. In my map there is one room and mosnters spawn and spawn, but: The room is changing.
    In "level 1" you fight agains zombies and headcrabs and 5 super houndeyes. And when you killed about 4 of them the computers in this room shut down(look at it ). And you can get to the next level by jump into a small push area.
    When you played a bit in "level 2" a door opens and you can get granades. But there is one door that opens too.:eek: There is a button that starts a strong laser beam (damage(second : about 5000) this is usefull to kill strong enemies like the garg, if it stands near to the laser area. Maybe one player lead the garg to it.
    And now enjoy it.

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    i liked the changing arena the walls and the computers.

    when i got to the garg, i sfx_t'd...with my 2.0F...

    might happen when you sit at his feet and throw banana bombs...

    good map....for a horde style map. maybe more detail...and more places to go would make it more fun. make a MULTIPLE arena map, that you progress thru

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    Hey, this is the final version of it right? I mean, as far as you can see, this version should be it?

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