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    Sven Co-op FAQ - updated 05/04/10

    A general list of Vbulletin FAQ questions can be found here:

    Details on Sven Co-op features, weapons and monsters can be found here:

    Q: When will the next version of Sven Co-op be released?
    A: As always, when its done. We can't predict a solid date on the release at the moment as problems turn up from the blue and will continue to.

    Q: When will Sven Co-op2 (SvenCo-op for Half-life 2) be released?
    A: Unknown. SvenCo-op2 is currently on hold.

    Q: Does SvenCo-op work on Half-Life:Source?
    A: No. As the name suggests, HL:Source is for the Source Engine. SvenCo-op is for the Goldsource (Half-life 1) engine only.

    Q: Will you be adding further OP4 Content?/Will you be adding this feature?
    A: Cannot say nor confirm. We seriously consider a number of ideas while the mod is in development, but if something clearly fits into the mod, we will strive to add it in later versions.

    Q: Will there be the ropes like in Opposing Force in the next version?
    A: No.

    Q: How do I get Electric Crowbar/Gold Uzi's?
    A: This is an extra option for donators and contributors to the mod, see the Support page for further detail:

    Q: How can I cheat?
    A: As with other multiplayer modifications, Sven Co-op discourages cheating when playing with others. However, we have added support for people playing in small games (2 players or less) to cheat:
    Make sure maxplayers is set to 2 or less, if the max players number is greater, cheats will not work. Then activate cheat mode by typing sv_cheats 1 (you must be the server op) into the console. You do not need to restart the server to use the cheats. Then type the following codes into the console:

    godmode 1 - turns on godmode (cannot be hurt or killed). "godmode 0" deactivates this
    giveall - Gives all weapons + 25 armor and HEV suit if needed
    ghost 1 - Activates spectator mode. "ghost 0" deactivates this
    cl_noclip 1 - Activates noclip mode
    cl_notarget 1 - Makes players hidden to monsters

    Note: All other cheats have been deactivated, the above 5 are the only cheats that work

    Q. When is Sven Co-op going to become an Official Steam Mod?
    A. Entirely decided by Valve. When it does happen, we will let everyone know as soon as possible.

    Q. Does Sven work with Half Life: Source?
    A. Not at all. Half-Life: Source does not support custom modifications so this is not likely to happen at any point. If Valve made Half-Life: Source mod-friendly and a minimum amount of work was needed to make it work, then maybe.

    Q. Can I play Sven Co-op without installing Steam?
    A. This is no longer possible as the WON servers (the precurser to Steam) has now been shut down. Most Sven Co-op servers are now Steam-only.

    Download Steam at:

    Q. What is a blocker?
    A: A blocker is someone who stands in doorways or tight passages in order to stop other players proceeding with the map. Either vote-kill or vote-kick these individuals to show them the error of their ways.
    You can also pull a blocker away using the crowbar. Stand slightly away from them and hit the blocker with a crowbar, they will move towards you slightly.

    Q: Is it possible to add rain and/or snow in 4.0 ?
    A: No.
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